Living Different

a Meditation Retreat for Young Adult

Abbey de Bonnevaux

July 24-31 2019

Dear Friend

I will be moving to Bonnevaux as my primary residence at Easter. I hope to see you there one day soon! As you know, an important element of Bonnevaux for our community is to support the formation of a new generation of Christian meditators and future WCCM leaders worldwide.

To this end, we are holding a  retreat in July (24-31) for young adult meditators and I hope that you will be able to send one or more of your younger (approx.. 2040 age group) members of your national community. I will be there together with Giovanni and a committed team who will guide and nurture them. I attach some further information about the retreat to help you select who you wish to send.

After the retreat there will be a 3-4 day walk on the Camino towards Compostella. Next year we will resume the walk where we finish this year. The young people who come will then be welcome to come back to Bonnevaux to extend their stay if they wish, with the community and in the rhythm of our life there.

I hope your national community will be able to help your delegate  financially if necessary to get to Bonnevaux – but if you need further help in this regard please contact Kath.

I am sure you see what a wonderful opportunity in the first days of Bonnevaux this will be and I feel sure it will bring benefits and graces to your national community for many years to come.

Please let me and Kath know who you can recommend. Please speak with them and see if they wish to come and then we can contact them with the detailed programme of the retreat.

With much love
Laurence Freeman