Silent Meditation Retreat – Monte Oliveto 22-29 Giugno 2013

Silent Meditation Retreat – Monte Oliveto. The Cave of the Heart

Il giorno 29 è dedicato alla comunità italiana, per le iscrizioni rivolgersi a

The 2013 Monte Oliveto Retreat will again bring meditators together

from around the world to the peace of the spiritual home of the

Olivetan Benedictine Congregation in Tuscany

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A retreat for meditators from around The World Community in a sacred place of peace and beauty. Laurence Freeman OSB will talk on the theme of:  “The Cave of the Heart”

Modern life often hardens the heart or depersonalizes the  interactions between people. How can we recover the heart and soul of  human life in a technological world that moves so fast and is so easily hijacked by the negative forces of the personality? In this  year’s Monte Oliveto retreat Laurence Freeman will explore the meaning of the heart and the springs of hope, faith and love that are hidden there.  In addition to meditation and a daily contemplative mass,  there will be times for lectio, yoga, community sharing and prayer  with the monastic community.”

The retreat is open to all, though it would be very advisable to have some experience of regular meditation before participating in this weeklong silent retreat. Participants commit to the whole week and this is a condition of acceptance on the retreat.

The World Community international retreat at Monte Oliveto Maggiore begins on the evening of the 22 June and concludes on the morning of 29 June. Fr Laurence will lead the retreat on the theme of ‘The Cave of the Heart” with a daily conference and evening contemplative Eucharist.

Wojtek Karczmarzyk will lead daily yoga. This humane, typically Benedictine balance is blessed by the beauty of the setting and the friendship of the monastic community with whose night prayer each day peacefully concludes. The spirit of silence during the day renews the spirit and the evening meal which is a time of relaxation and friendship with retreatants from different countries balance solitude and community.

Travel: Participants will be responsible for their own travel to Italy – either directly to Monte Oliveto, or to Pisa. WCCM will have a bus departing from Pisaairport  at 14.00 hours on Saturday 22 June and returning to Pisa Airport by 14.00  hours on Saturday
29 June (leaving Monte Oliveto at 11.00 hours).

Bus one way £25 both ways £50). Pisa airport is within very easy reach of Florence by direct train. Participants should make their ownarrangements for either getting to Pisa Airport and meeting the bus, or travelling independently to Monte Oliveto to arrive by 17.00 hours. There is a good train network (all timetable information is on the web:, and one can travel south from Florence, or north from Rome to either Asciano-Monte Oliveto or Buonconvento – the local stations. From either of these towns you can get a taxi to Monte Oliveto. Taxi phone numbers will be provided.  

Further information from, or +44 208 579 4466