40esimo Anniversario dell’ordinazione sacerdotale di P. Laurence Freeman

Ordained on 8 June 1980
“The gospel is a story of a person in whom the inner and outer became or always were extraordinarily one.
That oneness, his Spirit, continues to move among is in our own inner and outer universe. It embraces humanity,
offering itself without force or blame.  If we recognise this, we are walking our life in his footsteps, and he in ours,
 in a wisdom always entwined with love.” Laurence Freeman OSB
Dear National Coordinators,
I know that you join with me in sending Fr Laurence our love and deep gratitude on this his 40th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood.
As we meditate today let’s hold in our hearts Fr Laurence, our world community, and the ministry of love that we share.